HOTEL SUITES & APARTMENTS Development & Management 

Hotel Franchise Branding
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Negotiating and contracting an international hotel brand on behalf of the developers, with the possibility of marketing the units under the hotel brand name immediately after final contracting.

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Managing and operating consultant of hotel investments operations for the developer and the unit owners

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Providing operations management to the  developer & the clients

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Provide all Facility Management services with efficient and distinctive hotel character

Franchise Brand Operations Management

Hotel & Hotel Apartments Business Plan 

In addition to hotel consultancy, development, and management services, and considering the goals and plans of the developers of the Administrative Capital, Al Alamein & El Galala cities, we have expanded our services to cover the specific needs of these new cities' developers.


  1. AMG Hospitality acts as both a manager and operational consultant for hotel investment operations for developers and unit owners under a brand franchise agreement.
  2. Initial agreements have been made with some hotel management companies to grant a selection of their brands to developers, with the possibility of marketing units under the hotel brand name immediately after contracting.
  3. Managing the contractual relationship between the hotel management company and AMG Hospitality as the hotel investment manager on behalf of the developers and unit owners for the duration of the brand franchise contract with the hotel company.
  4. AMG Hospitality undertakes all operational tasks on behalf of the the Developer & unit owners, representing and acting on their behalf.
  5. AMG Hospitality provides Facility Management services efficiently and with the distinctive and well-known hotel concept & style for all other commercial and administrative floors in the towers and using the hotel brand name after contracting.
  6. AMG Hospitality provides food and beverage services for all developer events and meetings using the hotel brand name after contracting.
  7. AMG Hospitality serves as the customer service point for the developer's clients regarding any operational inquiries or services only, not sales, installments, or delivery operations.
  8. AMG Hospitality facilitates all travel and hotel booking services with exclusive discounts for the developer's clients & unit owners as an added valued services.