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WorldWide Hotel Management & Franchise Partners

AMG HOSPITALITY has prepared all needed suitable procedures to partner with the following International Luxury Hotel Operators with especially negotiated fees for either Franchise or Management as well as Technical Assistance Agreements.


Agreements are Especially Conditioned with Favorable Fees for Hotels, Resorts & hotel Apartments Operated by AMG HOSPITALITY Advanced Hotel Asssets Management Group. 


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Engineering Consulting Partners

Architecture, Infrastructure, Interior & Landscape Designers

ACE - Arab Consulting Engineers
ACE - Project Management

engineering global solutions


Hotels & Resorts Owners, Developers  & Investors



Together with our business partners serve the following valued clients


Developments Unlimited International

AMG HOSPITALITY is the Official Local Agent Handling all of their Development  Business in Egypt.

AlDau Developments

Al Dau Developments 

Queen Marsa Alam

Queen Beach Resort - Marsa Alam 

Oyster Bay Marsa Alam

Oyster Bay Resort - Marsa Alam 

Cornerstone Holdings Corp.

AMG HOSPITALITY is the Official Local Agent for all the Investments of the Multinational Corporation.

Doja Developments New Capital

Mall - The New Administrative Capital

Sultan Beach Resort

Sultan Beach Resort - Hurghada

Alexandre The Great Resort Marsa Alam

Alexandre The Great Resort Marsa Alam


Partner of the European Tour Operators Association


Preffered Business Partner with all Major European tour operators with Highest-ranking production of room nights to Various Egyptian Destinations from;


Germany - Britain - Italy - Benelux - France - Austria - Poland - Russia - Ukraine, The G C C 




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