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Hotel Asset Management

At The Hotel Asset Management Co., we conduct comprehensive operational, financial, revenue, and expense assessments and audits. Additionally, we perform monthly analysis and supervision to provide reports to the Owner's Company.

Hotel Development Management

Hotel Development Management

We provide comprehensive management services for the development of hotels, resorts, hotel suites, and apartment complexes, from the inception of greenfield projects to the completion of extensive renovations.

Hotel Brand Sourcing & Business Development

Hotel Brand Sourcing & Business Development

We handle comprehensive Brand Sourcing actions, negotiations for technical assistance, management and franchise agreements with periodic maintenance to ensure the utmost benefit for the Owning company. This includes marketing, sales & revenue management

Hotel Owners Representative

Hotel Operations Management

When independent operations are preferred, we adeptly manage hotels, whether they are white-flagged or franchised with an international hotel brand from our partners.

Al Alamein, El Galala & Administrative Capital

Condotels, Hotel apartments, Hotel Operated Residences & Restaurants 

Developing, branding, marketing, and operating hotel apartments, restaurants, and café units are key strategies to elevate sales of real estate units and enhance the relative return on investment (ROI) to the highest levels.

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