Hotels, Resorts, Hotel Apartments & Suites

  1. Hotels and Hotel Apartments Specifications Guidance.
  2. Brand Marketing and Advertising for Hotel | Hotel Apartments "Directed to all units sales when required".
  3. Licensing Guidance for Hotel | Hotel Suites & Apartments projects.
  4. Following up  compliance of all Fittings & Furnitures according to the required standards & specifications
  5. Operating Franchised Hotel | Hotel Suites & Apartments.


International Hotel brands Agreements

  1. International Brands operations management.
  2. Franchise or Management agreement negotiations.
  3. Brand's Specifications Compliance.
  4. Following up brand's compliance of Fittings, Equipments & Furnitures according to the required brand's standards specifications.
  5. Operating Franchise branded Hotels & Hotel Apartments according to Brand's S.O.P.
  6. Assessment & Supervision of agreement's compliancy.


Restaurants & coffee shops Developments

  1. Interior Design.
  2. Operational Full Concept Design.
  3. Kitchen & Back Area Design.
  4. Operations Floor Design.
  5. Menues & Items Recipes' & Related Designs.
  6. Equipment & S.O.E. guidance. 
  7. Restaurant | Coffee Shops Operations.


Oversight Services & Analysis Monthly Reports TO Hotel Owners  

Property location assessment, architects management  as well as interior designers, landscape designers, equipment, furnishings & licensing.
Independent hotels operations management including recruiting top executive management team with regular monthly supervision.
KPI’s - Key Performance Indicators monthly assessment & reporting to Owner.
Property positioning & competition set monthly analysis.
Full marketing analysis including feeding markets  dependability, applied rates, destination & competition situation analysis.
Brand franchise or management agreement regular compliance assessment.
Hotel management supervision & monthly assessment & Analysis.
FF&E - Furniture, Fixtures & Equipments replacement requests assessment.
Profitability Analysis & Operational Revenues vs Expenses Monthly Assessment.
Monthly reporting system reflecting the accurate marketing, operation, maintenance & R.O.I Current Situation.
Hotel Property Leasing Management Regarding Maintenence, FF&E, Lease payments & All Legal Issues Representation. 

Authorities' & Brand's Specs

Hotel Franchise Agreements 

Authorized Owners' Deputies 

Restaurants' Concept Design

Hotel Operations Management

Digital Marketing Assessment 

Branding & Franchising

International Reservation Portals