Hotels' Development Management

For hotels, resorts or hotel apartments developments from  greenfield ground up or to complete renovations management.

Hotels' Branding

For either a management or franchise agreement, we are ready and capable of negotiating for the best benefit of the Owning company.

Hotels' Operations Management

When it is preferred to run independently, we perfectly operate hotels either White flagged or Franchised with an International Hotel Brand.

Hotels' Operations Oversight

We do all the Operations, Revenues & Expenses Assessment as well as Monthly Analysis & Supervision & Report to the Owner's Company's CEO, being their Professional Consultants.

Al Alamien & The New Capital F & B Outlets, Hotel Suites & Apartments Operations

Development, Branding, Marketing & Operating Hotel Apartments, Restaurants & Café units to leverage ROI & Unit Sales to the highest levels


Hotels, Resorts, Hotel Apartments & Suites
  1. Hotels and Hotel Apartments Specifications Guidance.
  2. Brand Marketing and Advertising for Hotel | Hotel Apartments "Directed to all units sales when required".
  3. Licensing Guidance for Hotel | Hotel Suites & Apartments projects.
  4. Following up  compliance of all Fittings & Furnitures according to the required standards & specifications
  5. Operating Franchised Hotel | Hotel Suites & Apartments.


International Hotel brands Agreements Negotiations
  1. International Brands operations management.
  2. Franchise or Management agreement negotiations.
  3. Brand's Specifications Compliance.
  4. Following up brand's compliance of Fittings, Equipments & Furnitures according to the required brand's standards specifications.
  5. Operating Franchise branded Hotels & Hotel Apartments according to Brand's S.O.P.
  6. Assessment & Supervision of agreement's compliancy.


Restaurants & coffee shops 


  1. Interior Design.
  2. Operational Full Concept Design.
  3. Kitchen & Back Area Design.
  4. Operations Floor Design.
  5. Menues & Items Recipes' & Related Designs.
  6. Equipment & S.O.E. guidance. 
  7. Restaurant | Coffee Shops Operations.


Oversight Services & Analysis Monthly Reports TO Hotel Owners  

Property location assessment, architects management  as well as interior designers, landscape designers, equipment, furnishings & licensing.


Independent hotels operations management including recruiting top executive management team with regular monthly supervision.


KPI’s - Key Performance Indicators monthly assessment & reporting to Owner.


Property positioning & competition set monthly analysis.


Full marketing analysis including feeding markets  dependability, applied rates, destination & competition situation analysis.


Brand franchise or management agreement regular compliance assessment.


Hotel management supervision & monthly assessment & Analysis.


FF&E - Furniture, Fixtures & Equipments replacement requests assessment.


Profitability Analysis & Operational Revenues vs Expenses Monthly Assessment.


Monthly reporting system reflecting the accurate marketing, operation, maintenance & R.O.I Current Situation.


Hotel Property Leasing Management Regarding Maintenence, FF&E, Lease payments & All Legal Issues Representation. 

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